Chris Caswell
An American Celtic Bard
CEC-TILDEN-1WEB2”When one makes the decision to set out on an evening to attend a concert, be it in a club or a house concert, the obvious is that one expects to find an evening of delightful & interesting music. Not as obvious, or consciously thought of, is the experience–the connection with the artist and how they take you on a journey through the music so much so that you forget where you are.
All of this Chris Caswell delivers in spades. A master musician on several instruments, Chris will quickly dazzle you with pleasing sounds & melodies from a rich repertoire of delightful music spanning an impressive variety of cultures.
But perhaps even more than that, his prolific bardic skills of story telling & narration, deep knowledge of the music's history and quick wit with an improvisational style will even more quickly have you enveloped in a completely different time & place from where you began.
This is a skill which is becoming harder & harder to find in concert, and which makes any of Chris's performances a 'must-see'. Chris Caswell is certainly one of those few artists who leave you wanting more, but in fact gave you more than you realize.”

David Brewer, host of Celtic Music Night at St Andrew, Aptos, CA

“We invite artists to appear at our venue because we believe they will bring something unique to our stage. While we appreciate and revere all artists that appear at the GarageMaHall; occasionally we are rewarded with an exceptional performance. Outstanding musicianship accompanied by an intimate relationship with his instrument is one way we would describe Celtic musician and harp builder, Chris Caswell.”

“Chris has a casual way of introducing the history and versatility of his instrument. His banter artfully takes us from Wales to the Middle East; from the French countryside to Latin America. Why am I surprised; studying in Britain as a teenager Chris stayed with English folklorist Peter Kennedy at his Centre for Oral Tradition. “

“Mastering his craft since he was nine years old, Chris brings to the stage his harp (which he made), his pipes, his whistles and his wit. Your audience will be delighted. We highly recommend that you consider Chris Caswell for your next concert. Did we mention the Bodhran lessons?”
GarageMaHall, Las Vegas
– Hosted by Richard & Betty Stewart



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